Die Soap - case (12 bars)

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Die Soap - case (12 bars)


Die Soap – case (12 bars) Die Soap – 12 bars/case; Main Ingredient Tripoli and or Silica 0.1 mg / M3, 60-70% Do you have problems with carbon and plastic residues? You can quickly remove carbon and plastic residues without hand polishing. Our Die Soap comes in 2″ square by 9.5″ long bars and weight approx. 2.5 lbs each. Die Soap cleaning compound consisting of: Fine abrasives, High quality grease binder, Stearicacid, Hydrogenated glyceride, Yellow petrolatum, Jap wax, Amorphous silica 600. Ideal for safely cleaning extrusion dies and other machine parts which have unwanted carbon and plastic residue. Tip: Cut bar into small pieces, put soap in hopper & lower rpm’s on the machine. Soap will be pushed through, cleaning the carbon and plastic residues


Stock NumberBB-06-12